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Top nine activities in Spain as you cannot do at home

Spanish Travel ... the holiday you have dreamed. However, even if you can love your luxury hotel room is not a place to hide. There are tons of things to see and do in this country moving. So grab your camera, hit the road and try out these great ways to spend your day...

9. For The Love Of Art

Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao has won awards around the world. Create as division of a plan to renew the town of Bilbao, has a permanent exhibition and a visit with the works of Spanish and international artists.

8. Less Is Moorish

The Alhambra Palace overlooking the city of Granada is the most famous example of architecture of Moorish. Composed by the Royal Palace with the Patio de los Leones in the central and several others built by multiple leaders, the Alhambra offers lush backyards and a good-looking garrison. The slender columns, fountains, reflecting the light of the pools have been designed to recreate paradise on earth.

7. Snow Job

It 'hard to believe some of the most spectacular cross-country skiing are found in only two hours to the beaches of the Costa del Sol, the famous Sierra Nevada mountains. September above Granada was the best snow and longest season in the country, five months of snow! Read by day and party all night to get a true taste of the ski scene here.

6. If You Build It They Will Come

It must have been the motto of Antoni Gaudi, who is bold and unique architectural skills play an important role in the development of this historic city. Its over-the-top church has attracted many visitors, but private buildings. He designed, the magnificent Parc Güell, and has attracted tourists, as well.

5. Chow Down

A key, to packing for this trip, your appetite. You will not get enough of these tasty Spanish. Tapas, a wide selection of appetizers could be consumed freezing or hot and may contain ingredients such as olives, or cheeses. Try one or try a lot and make a whole meal out of it. In Valencia, try the paella - the dish of rice cooked in fish broth or famous, it is a tradition for centuries. What varies is the type of food that is added to rice as vegetables, clams, mussels, shrimp, peppers and lemon, to name a few.

4. Move To Music

If you want to have a old and cultural shape of folk melody. Then try flamenco, a combination of strong, rhythmic music and hand complex footwork. Ask your hotel concierge where you can find the spectacle of the most authentic flamenco. This type of music has influenced many other Spanish musical styles.

3. Waterworks

The aqueduct of Segovia, Segovia's most famous landmark was built in the late first century AD, without the use of mortar or cement, at a time when the Roman Empire at its peak. This fine example of the civil penalty is recognized around the world.

2. Crazy For Second Cordoba

Visit Cordoba, when one of the most important capitals of Europe, which produced a major philosophers, scientists and artists. See 1200 years Mezquita, bullfighting, or experience in the art of flamenco, the Moorish mosque, and drinking in an old and well-known local tapas and sherry.

1. Run For Your Life

Tired, of Monday night, football, try a sport more dangerous. The bullfight engages banter or perturbing the raging bull and then running in front of them that were dropped on a specific course on city streets. Located in San Fermin in Pamplona, ??the most famous race attracts visitors from around the world. Anyone who dares to participate can have this race.


Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Jerez de la Andalusian culture distilled into its most spectacular. Sherry bodegas are a seductive city, horses and flamenco sleek, all of which are celebrated annually in a series of hedonistic celebrations. A walk around the old town with its 11th century Almohad fortress and walk lined with orange trees, it is an excellent introduction, but to get to the heart of Jerez, you have to see how his namesake liqueur (sherry "is an anglicization of "Jerez") is produced. One of the best wineries to visit is Bodegas Tradicion, saving 20 years sherry with the work of Goya and Velazquez. If all the wine tasting put you in the mood a little dance, see the heels and skirts flying on one of the great flamenco shows at El Tio Parrilla Restaurant Laga.

Lviv, Ukraine

It is easy to see why the inhabitants of Lviv proudly proclaim their city to be the least of the Soviet Ukraine. Far from the point of dark houses that spoil much of the rest of the country, the Old Town Square in Lviv Ploshcha Rynok and surrounding streets filled with carved facades and beautiful churches of magnitude as such, they were given World Heritage protection in 1998. Stroll through the city center at dawn on Sunday to hear the wafting strains of sacred music to fill the empty streets, or go to the best view of the city, in the High Castle, at sunset for the hair on the head views. The nightlife is also good with charming cafes, like the atmosphere Cubbyhole Plyashkoyu Synoyu PID and three underground floors Robert Doms Lviv beer house is a great alternative to over-subscribed cities of Prague orKraków.

Dinard, France

There is a clear 1920, a nostalgic charm of this corner of Brittany, and everyone from Alfred Hitchcock Churchill is said to have enjoyed the delicious traditional sea here. Shops blue and white striped bathing point of the sweeping curves of sand, dominated by the venerable Victorian houses and drives nice place moonlight, or walk in the moonlight (stores bath can be rented at the beach of the lock). There the night near the beach of sound and light shows during the summer months. Picasso was a big fan of the area, having spent summers at Dinard for most of the 1920s, and the magnificent view, is easy to see what has captured your imagination. Fresh fish dominates the scene with the delights of food - grilled cod with bacon and parmesan cheese to the innovative Apple Chez Ma is a particular pleasure.

Akureyri, Iceland

In a country full of natural beauty, Iceland's second city weird, has more than its own. By chance lies on the banks of a fjord ice blue with a backdrop of mountains carved glass, Akureyri manages the top of the capital Reykjavik, the issues of good appearance. Relaxation compact node in Parisian cafes and bars in the main street and excellent cakes Hafnarstraeti coffee a day, before becoming the trendy restaurants and drinking houses in the evening - friendly visit to the local favorite specialty dealing Bautinn Icelandic as puffins and horse meat. In summer, when the Scandinavian countries, flatly refused to Sun, you can even play golf at midnight at Akureyri Golf Club.


Rotterdam, Netherlands

The remarkable architecture of Rotterdam business card is a legacy of its destruction during World War II and gives the city a modernist aesthetic that is unique in Europe. Rotterdam is home to some amazing art, including the collection of Old Dutch masters and a wing breathtaking surreal reason, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen enough for a visit. At night, this port city breaks in life, with its houses of beer alive, coffee shops and brown cafes rub some excellent cosmopolitan restaurants and bars, more than match those of his rival in the city difficult, Amsterdam. Try Locus publicus Oostzeedijk to an impressive range of about 200 beers.


From Trabant, Berlin, Germany

This rectangular, growling, two-time auto scattered throughout the Eastern bloc pre-1989th When the wall fell Orientals many fled to the West in their "Trabis", their transport to a new world. Now you can relive some of the most poignant moments of Berlin in one of your own: rafts guided tour revamped Trabant, the capital of Checkpoint Charlie at the least-known ex-Communist hangouts. Comment directed into the lead car in advance, while you manage your own piece of history.

Postbus, Switzerland

A big yellow coach did not sound very glamorous, especially in a country overflowing with elegant steamboats, trains and cable occasional dizzy. However, do not overlook the humble post bus. Powered by Swiss-mail system, these functional vehicles provide the missing link that connects small or hard to reach communities that otherwise would be nearly impossible for travelers to access Carless. Take Meiringen (where Conan Doyle sent Holmes to the Reichenbach Falls in the vicinity): In summer, the long yellow bus drives the narrow neck, Susta 2200 to deliver letters and mountain lovers to the city, a good basis for are in the mountains.

On the canal boat in France

Life slows down on the waterways of France. When all important for the transport of goods between the colonies and now the channels are peaceful paths. Rent a houseboat and went, mooring in the beautiful villages and negotiate a Lock (lock) or three - maybe buy some mustard Lock House enterprising as you pass. Most impressive is the 240 km of the Canal du Midi, which connects the Atlantic, built in 17th century Spain to avoid pirate-infested waters. Gorge on the cassoulet of Castelnaudary, slip through the tunnel of Malpas and exploreCarcassonne medieval splendor, all without exceeding six km / h - slow travel at its best.

Being everywhere

Rails have never been more romantic: a large spider web songs from the mainland to join the images of cities, do not hesitate to dive into the mountain valleys and pushing off from the rural backwaters. Chug away from the avenue of Paris, Germany, Greece, the Acropolis of the Castle a short hop, pop and talk politics with the locals - but not at the expense of superlatives to fix the window. The final distance of the Orient Express, not flashy (and expensive) tourist train - the original, although shortened, the Orient Express is still in that name from Strasbourg to Vienna. Book rest and the historic (if Jiggly) sleep.

For Vespa, Tuscany, Italy

Twisted, the roads empty plinths rolling fields of vineyards and cypress hill laundry, houses and steeples, and you - so smart that you slide on a shiny Vespa. Scooter-tempo allows you to interact with farmers to sniff Buongiorno from wild flowers and mature pecorino, and dive down inner cities paved off limits for cars but available for two-wheeled travelers. Wow chain cities such as Siena, Florence and Lucca with detours countries.

By ferry, Norway

It took millennia for the coast of Norway - a series of glacial fjords extending up stabbed in the Arctic Circle - Destinations. Take the water to enjoy the drama: ferries can reach 1300m high rock walls, waterfalls and remote fishing villages. For the board a whole fleet Hurtigruten: Coastal Express both offer travelers, villagers, packages and pickled herring to small communities along the rugged coastline each day of the year, whether summer or glorious northeastern lights flashed winter. From the tables for hiking or just see the fjords float by.


Kusadasi has it all for vacationers to see and do in its Roman ancient ruins setting travelers to get away and enjoy. Established as one of the top vacation destinations of Europe with an average of 300 days a year of sunshine makes it automatically a warm and sunny place. Along with the sun are the beautiful beaches and the gorgeous sunsets to melt even the hardest hearts. A vacation in Kusadasi has enough attractions and events to do that would fill a 30-day stay and possibly still not be able to experience it all that is why vacationers return repeatedly to see it all.


The beaches in the area are plentiful and beautiful a quick visit to the city beach will show you instantly what you are in for as for beach beauty. Pigeon Island a private beach within deep waters for diving, and Yilancabunu beach is located off the backside of Pigeon Island that is quite secluded and quiet. Ladies beach is an area not to be missed because of its large size and beautiful sands that are visited by many.  Kustur and Tusan beaches are located near each other that offer a variety of activities to do and see on the beach from surfing to parasailing and other beach activities. As for beaches Kusadasi has many more available to visit and see from quiet to populated in and around the area.


If historical places are, what you wish to see then the Roman Empire is what you can discover from their architecture to the production of oils it is a picture moment all around. There are many opportunities to be had from the caves of Zeus to the Hierapolis you will wonder at the natural made compared to the fabricated structures in the area and how was completed. A visit to St. John and the seven churches will take you back in time and history to be amazed at what once was. The historical places in and around Kusadasi are plentiful and by not visiting you will truly miss these great lands.


Transportation in the area and from one attraction to another is made quite convenient for tourists they offer, car rental, very convenient bus travel, by rail, minibus and scooter rentals. Prices are fixed and minibuses arrived at scheduled times of the day allowing for easy commuting in unfamiliar areas.


Kusadasi Turkey has much to offer in the nightlife atmosphere from bars to musical entertainment all within the area. For a vacation destination, it has to be a high priority on the list of places to see in Europe, for here, you have the ability to see the past blended with the present and have stories to tell for lifetime. The weather is consistently great, the beaches are beautifully plentiful, the history in the area is abundant, and the photo opportunities are too many to speak of; so if looking for one of the top vacation destinations in Europe, Kusadasi must surely be on the list.


Ah Milan, Italy the place to go for inspiration, the land that so many lived, and have created so much in life to see. The land that holds the treasures that so many do know but are not aware where they are, a discovery to be found in Italy, Milan is the place to go visit and see.


Are you aware that in Milan you can visit some of the beautiful cathedrals that were in existence during massive bombings of World War II that had survived the devastation and stand tall today? Did you know that it is the home of one of the best-known paintings in the world; Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. Among many other things here is the home, the starting place, the beginning runway for Armani, Versace, Parda, Dolce and Gabbana, Pucci, and Gucci the great fashion designers of our time. Art, style, and history can all be found here including inspiration because this land has created so much throughout the world.


In Milan, you will be able to taste some of the greatest Italian foods anywhere the cafés are everywhere and style in their cooking is out of this world. As for places to stay you have the choice from the most elite to cost-conscious but even in the lower quadrant style again is top priority. When vacationing here brings an extra, empty bag because when you leave it will be full of fashion treasures that are throughout the streets to be found. There you'll find products or clothing that may have just made it to your area and are much lower priced because they're considered old in this part of the world. You can find fashion accessories that are available that you may not have available in your area for another year or ever. For the shopping experience in Milan Italy, enough cannot be said is a woman's paradise in shopping.


For an artist or sculptor they may not wish to leave for here is the land of thousands of statues that are well known and photograph. The sculptures are abundant array of talent passed down from generation to generation their handcrafted work and exquisite detail within each piece. Museums, galleries, and exhibits are abundant from the historic to the amateur on the corner creating their work right before your eyes along with you to be a witness just like those that had seen centuries ago.


There are many other sites to see and things to do while in Milan Italy for example the red brick castle or even Italy's stock exchange tour that is based in Milan. Though the overwhelming amount of fashion style be it clothing, accessories, or furniture will surely call for most tourists’ attention. If not that then the beautiful works of art from paintings, portraits, and sculptures will surely inspire the visitor to seek more. Then if the art and style do not get the best of you than the foods of this land surely will take your taste buds on an adventure of a lifetime.


There are many great vacation destinations in England, which are beautiful, elegant, and very romantic. You have the ability to visit traditional tourist attractions and dining is abundant throughout the area from small pubs to elite dining halls. If tea and crumpets is your thing while watching a pole match is very much possible to do and experience. It is looking for that personal Inn or hotel to meet your expectations and price it can be easily found throughout England. In and around the areas of Great Yarmouth England you also have the ability to do this and much more.


This type of vacation is great for you and your loved one, but as for you, your loved one and your three children well not so great of a vacation. Imagine this; in a walking tour of a traditional Castle, your youngest child soils his pants. Dining out at a beautiful hall your middle child is throwing his food and while visiting the cathedrals your husband is ready to explode at your oldest because he will not stop picking on the others. Therefore, you went on a vacation into wanted but you just did not want it that way.


Great Yarmouth, I have a vacation for you and your family that is kid friendly, which will allow you to relax, as the children can be entertained. Therefore, here is a list that will allow you a vacation at Great Yarmouth, England because you are a parent. Take the family to see the wild at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens so you can show them how real animals act at this unique zoo. Alternatively, go visit Pleasure Beach and take the family on the ride of their lives. If looking for entertainment for the family then a sure stop must include the Hippodrome Circus.


Wanting to teach your children while on vacation well to visit to Norfolk Nelson Museum will cover that schooling. Another type of schooling may be a visit to explore the outdoors at Merrival Model Village to allow the children to run, see, and get tired. Again learning, seeing, and doing will help your children to understand so a visit to Elizabethan House Museum is sure to please all in the family.


As for an evening activities that is sure to please and excite the kids interests a guided ghostly walk is suggested for them to surely be quiet that evening in bed. For more outdoor activities during the day a visit to the Redwings Caldecott Horse Sanctuary will allow the children to have hands-on with the animals. If looking to spend the whole day with activities look at Joyland and see if that is the park for your family's day. After all is said, and done and relaxation is what the family, needs and time must be spent at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden.


Great Yarmouth, England; now that is a vacation for you and your family that is kid friendly allowing you to relax while your children are entertained.


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