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Hotels in Mozambique :

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Quirimbas Islands

 Benguerra Island


 Niassa Reserve


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Mozambique is an undiscovered gem, the idyllic setting for families with children, honeymooners. The Mozambique Mozambique Travel Guide offers accommodation options from self-catering cottages to luxurious beach bungalows, resorts and hotels.

Mozambique is the ultimate holiday destination for everyone. It has excellent water activities like diving, fishing and swimming, not to mention value for money, fresh seafood and succulent shrimp.

In Mozambique you will find beautiful holiday island archipelago to explore, water sports, fascinating markets, and vibrant nightlife in Maputo.
Mozambique Hotels and Resorts in the range of beautiful, rustic thatched cottages to luxurious 5-star lodges in Mozambique beautiful beach resorts, providing something for everyone. Let our expert travel consultants can help you find the perfect hotel in Mozambique, to meet your needs.
Romantic Island Escape diving or surfing, or doing the least in absolute luxury. Or, if you're an animal, a real beach holiday drinking and dancing gold mine.
What ever your taste, leave Mozambique answer.
Self catering accommodation is great for families with children and those with a sense of adventure. Good, clean and comfortable family accommodation in Mozambique's own bungalow right on the beach. A popular choice for groups wanting a budget holiday with sun, sea, sand and fresh seafood from the local market.

Sheets Quirimbas
Experience the adventure of a lifetime. Exploring uninhabited islands and wildlife borders.

Let the wind determine the course of your sails. Fresh seafood and tropical dishes for you prepared to open fire under the stars of the island to make your mouth water.

Mozambique Holiday Packages - offers a true tropical island experience for tourists and romance. Footloose adventurers will love the pristine wilder parts of Mozambique.

Enjoy great diving, fishing and sailing. Suitable for local beer and shrimp Mozambique.

5 reasons to travel to Mozambique:
# Honeymoon corners - every excuse to be in love
# Family Friendly Accommodation - self catering cottages and cabins
# Excellent Diving - many coral reefs are waiting to be explored
# Fresh seafood - shrimp mouth-watering and delicious seafood
# Vibrant culture - the experience of Portuguese influence on African culture