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Ain Taya

Bab Ezzouar






Algeria is a charming blend of cultures that spans a large chunk of land - with respect to everything from whitewashed fishing ports, green hills and olive groves to the unprecedented dramatic landscape of the Sahara desert and the mountains hoggar.

With more than four fifths of its territory covered by the Sahara Desert in Algeria's most striking feature and its biggest draw for travelers. But in the north of the country, colonized by the Phoenicians and Romans and fascinating ruined cities, the green and lush, and the imposition of the capital Algiers (the white city ") is fascinating to explore the medina, and offers an interesting look at modern Algerian life.


Usually, there is limited accommodation in good hotels in Algeria. Business centers, and especially Algeria, is probably rather expensive, but not particularly high standard hotel tope end or cheaper hotels are particularly suitable for locals and tourists. Cheaper hotels are crowded and difficult to get even with a confirmed reservation.
Grading: All hotels are subject to government regulations, and is classified by star rating: Deluxe (5 stars), second class (4/3-star) and tourist (2/1-star).

Coast: hotels in the resorts along the Mediterranean coast, numbers, and many are relatively high. Often, good hotels in these resorts run their own clubs. Winter of the coastal resorts of pay from 1 October 31 May.

Oases: Good hotels in the oases of the gate in the mid-south (as Ghardaïa and Ouargla) are few and far between, and during the season (any time other than summer, which runs from late June to early September) , it is important to book in advance.

Far South: Hotels in the very far south, is very limited. In Tamanrasset, there are several high-standard hotel, but room availability is still limited. Many tour agencies run their own pension Tamanrasset, but if the trip staying at one of these books are usually included.

Travel advice

Travel to the area south of Arak is not recommended.

Travelers are also advised to avoid all but essential travel to the administrative districts (wilayas) of Boumerdes, Bouira, Tizi Ouzou, east of Algiers, which was aimed persistent terrorist activity in the past ...
Passports and visas

Passports are valid at least six months required by all nationals referred to in the chart.

Do all nationals mentioned in the table above, with the exception of the following:
(A) transit passengers continuing their journey on the same ...
Health care:

Medical facilities are generally adequate standards in the north, but more limited in the south. Doctors and hospitals usually ask for an immediate cash payment for their services. Urgent cases will be admitted free of charge. Comprehensive travel insurance is important.

Dinar (DZD) = 100 centimes. Notes are in denominations DZD1, 000, 500, 200, 100 and 50 coins are in denominations DZD100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 cents.